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"Downpour". 2007. Plug In ICA, Winnipeg, Kanada. Videoinstallation in 6 Fenstern. 6 x 3m x 3m. 7 Min. loop / ohne Ton.

For this Winnipeg installation the artist responds specifically to Plug In’s street-level bank of windows along King Street. In conversation with the Maltese Cross building and the passing traffic, her 6-channel video installation Downpour fills these frames with a mysterious sequence of silhouettes visible from outside the gallery during evening hours. With an economy of means, an elemental transition takes place. Over the course of two weeks, “Downpour” will flood the interior space of Plug In ICA as the water level rises with every passing day. Each evening will consequently represent a new visual experience – creating new perspectives via liquid imagination. (Steven Matijcio, Cuarator)

Day one

Day one.

Day two

Day two.

Day three

Day three.

day four

day four.

day five

day five.

day six

day six.